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Charger Introduction
ElifeBike series Charger's charging model is automatic three stages transition.It's bulk charge in
larger and constant current;equalizer charge in descending current and constant voltage;float charge
in trickle current and constant voltage.It has the advantages of charging quickly,efficient charging
restoration,no artificial guard,never over charging and guaranteeing the useful life of batteries.

ElifeBike series Chargers are applied to all kinds of Lead-Acid,Li-ion,LiFePO4,Silicone power
batteries and starting batteries.These chargers can parallel with starting battery of vehicle,and stard
vehicle quickly when the power battery can't start auto because of power shortage.So,it's a vehicle's
necessary emergency item like standby battery.At the same time,ELifeBike series Charger can be
used as power converter,it provides DC supply for all kinds of equipment.

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RE:Charger Introduction
Phannmeoel breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!

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